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pelion activities


Pelion activities

Erofili Hotel and Suites in Pelion offers visitors a great base from which to engage in thrilling activities and experiences within the vicinity. Given its convenient location, it is easy to reach any corner of the region within a short time.

Depending on the season you visit Portaria Greece, there is a range of activities you can enjoy. Being in the mountains of Pelion means that the forests, valleys and hillsides are at your disposal to have an adventure within nature. Pelion activities during the milder months of Spring and Autumn can include, hiking, trekking, cycling or even horse riding that will each reveal wonderful trails within the region’s pristine beauty that have been recognised by European traveller’s organisations. Skiing is highly popular during the winter, as the ‘Agriolefkes’ ski resort in Chania of Pelion welcomes many snow aficionados when the weather allows for it.

Scenic touring also involves seeing a handful of traditional stone churches, found both in the forest and non forested areas. The historical area of Zagora has a myriad of things to admire; an array of beautiful peaks atop the mountain of the mythical Centaurs. Makrinitsa, which is literally next to Portaria and a stone’s throw from Erofili Hotel, is filled with narrow alleys and a main square, much like Portaria, where you will find many local shops and stores that will catch your eye. Milies in Pelion is home to the old Moutzouris train, that is an attraction in itself, a traditional, coal-fueled steam locomotive that takes passengers through a most exciting route through Pelion’s terrain.

Each season has its own charm in Pelion. In Spring, the landscapes are bursting with life, having awoken from the Winter slumber. In Summer, Pelion offers a coolness that is especially welcome during the hot months. The mountains begin to change into warmer shades of orange and red as Summer turns to Autumn, while the Winter wonderland in Pelion is something to experience first hand.

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