Portaria Pelion

Portaria is located at an altitude of 600 meters in the centre of western Pelion, very close to the city of Volos. The village gazes from above the Pagasitikos gulf and offers panoramic views of Volos city, the port of Magnesia and historical Makrinitsa. There was a rich commercial center in the late 18th century, while every Thursday a fair was held with products from Portaria as from other villages of Pelion. The first roadway was constructed in the early 20th century connecting Portaria to the city of Volos.

The rich natural environment with its green and shady trees, crystal clear waters, and extraordinary views to Pagasitic Gulf, made Portaria a holiday attraction. The lavish hotels of the area, with the main mega hotel Theoxenia, made it, by presidential decree, one of the three biggest resorts in Greece.

Today, visitors can witness the trails of the Centaurs, the monastery of Mellisinon (St. John), the water source Mana, the waterfall Karavos and in the afternoon enjoy the breathtaking view from the square Archangels. Every August visitors may entertain and participate in the unique representation of a traditional Pelion Wedding.

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